Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Neighborhood Toughs

Yeah, that's right, my front yard is the new "in" spot for the juvenile delinquent quail.  They've moved in and claimed their turf with a list of demands...gourmet wild bird food and fresh water or else they'll rumble all over my clean windows.  The nerve. 

I called the coppers but it did no good.  The little thugs flew the coop when they heard the sirens wail.  But they came back and I took a few shots...of digital film, that is.  That's my evidence.  I hear from the hood that the little trouble makers are now stashing their beer and cigs behind the juniper thing you know they'll be "Gambeling" in the meadow.  There goes the neighborhood...


  1. oh - that is so cute!
    i had a rowdy couple of raccoons the other night - waking up the neighborhood fighting over food!

  2. Great story! I've got rowdy racoons too and pitiful possums, and soul less squirrels but all of the birds are nice ones.

  3. What a cute story! :)

    I would trade my wild turkeys for your thugs any day!

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