Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thunderstorms, Rainbows, and New Work

Monsoon season thunderclouds have been almost a daily occurrence here in the Arizona Highlands and is providing much needed rain for the thirsty native flora and fauna.  The air is charged with electricity and the mountains glow in anticipation of a cool shower.

                                       The pines stretch their limbs in supplication.

                                                   A glimpse of rainbow...


                          Dancing in the sprinkles...pardon the gratuitous hiney shot...

I was inspired to hand fabricate three storm clouds from sterling silver sheet metal which I sawed and heavily textured with my hammer. The clouds were given a rich patina bath to accentuate and highlight the texturing. I  attached beautiful watery stones which represent raindrops: aquamarine, labradorite, and moonstone rondelles. 

A turquoise sphere with moonstones round out the celebration of rain. Now if I could just market that doggie rain dance... ;)


  1. We all need rain! Nice representation of the clouds...and I do love those moonstones.

  2. We need rain here as has been a very dry spring and summer.

    Lovely pieces...I'm a huge fan of moonstone, labradorite, aquamarine and turquoise...hmmmm... :~)


  3. Beautiful nature, wonderful dogs, gorgeous necklaces...

  4. That's beautiful, Sharon and I love where the inspiration comes from.

  5. I absolutely love your new jewelry ... especially the storm clouds!

  6. Gorgeous Sharon! I love the clouds and how you interpreted the inspiration so literally!

  7. Wow Sharon - I love those pieces! Gorgeous!!!!

  8. Sharon,

    Great photos, sweet dogs, and gorgeous jewelry. How much better can it get? :)

    Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog a while ago -- so very much appreciated. How is life in Prescott? Sweet Arizona dreams...

    Of course, I would love to welcome you back to my blog. Currently, I even have two giveaways -- details are on the sidebar of my blog.

    Sunny greetings from Munich,

  9. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words...

    I love Prescott!! we went a couple times...great little town...
    your lucky!

    all the best ...and keep on making your lovely’s tops.