Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Roadrunners and New Stuff

Have I told you about the crazy roadrunners that live in the hood?  They strut and wag their very long tail feathers while stretching their necks in contorted positions, searching for that tasty little bird egg, or those prehistoric looking locusts that scare me back into the house from my garden chores. 

It's true.  When I was a teenager, my prankster Uncle Zem would find a juicy, ripe green grasshopper and proceed to chase me with it, all around our property, while my mother locked all the doors and peered nervously out the kitchen window.  Gee...thanks Mom!  I resorted to uprooting a dried up sticker bush (we lived in the Nevada desert) to defend myself with the sticky, sharp spikes.  Didn't work...and I remember the horned toad was placed in my hair unbeknownst to me until it squirmed its way around my head.  Good times. Really.
But back to the roadrunner...I got some good shots this time after that rascally dinosaur-looking bird chased the doves and quail around the mulberry bush, then high-tailed it into the safety of a pine tree. There is never a dull moment in the Palac household.  Walter woke me the other night to the scene of a lovely skunk eating bird seed in our front yard...we named her Daisy and she is quite beautiful, and didn't leave a calling card, bless her stinky little heart.

This week I decided to create something a bit different from my usual reporte, apothecary bottles with vintage Swarovski bling and dried flowers from my garden, lavendar buds and marigold petals.
I added a shimmering silk dupioni ribbon and a few sparkly pink and green tourmalines to the lavendar buds.

I added an oxidized copper ball chain and some glowing amber stones to the marigold petals.
I recently purchased some gorgeous fuscia moonstone nuggets and created a simple necklace perfect for the holidays.

Even Santa's reindeer enjoy bling during the holidays, all available in my Etsy shop!  Happy Creating!


  1. i had never seen a real road runner! and i love how you are bottling the petals - it is such a soft look and really interesting-

  2. OMG, Sharon! I love the bottles ... and, of course, Uncle Zem! Gotta love people like that because you can't kill 'em!

  3. I *love* roadrunners! And I felt so lucky to get to photograph one up close in a state park near here. Funny little creatures. :)

    Your new work is go great! Petals in pretty.

  4. Sounds like it's never a dull moment around your home with all the critters.
    Love your beautiful bottle necklaces and the pretty little treasures you filled them with.
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today:-)

  5. roadrunners are funny little guys!
    love your necklaces!